Conclusion:Scoil Eoin Champions



This webquest has served two main objectives for the students. They have learned a range of skills in working with information technology and they have learned much about the history of their school. The majority of our first year students will not have come to us from our primary sector but from many different primary schools and so have no knowledge of Scoil Eoin or its history.
The webquest was gauged at basic skill level in information technology because the students’ prior experience was limited and the webquest sought to increase their I.T. skills as well as providing historical information on Scoil Eoin.
The webquest provided the impetus for a new drive for cross-curricular activity between class teacher and the school’s I.T. sector.Possible future webquests may include projects on  Egypt or the Normans. Click here for an example of a current work document on the Normans.

I should note that here in Scoil Eoin we retain the class teacher model in our second level except for I.T. and H.E. The students respond best to this model and are familiar with it from their primary school days.
The Junior Certificate School Programme syllabus is composed of short term, specific, achievable goals and the webquest enquiry will assist this type of learning format.

And finally, the students helped produce this small historical record of an eventful year in the life of Scoil Eoin with highs and lows, fun and laughter, tears and sorrow.



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