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Our school, Scoil Eoin, is based in Crumlin, Dublin 12. The school has been at this location since 1985 but has existed for many years prior to that date. Most of today’s students would not be aware of this and so the aim of this webquest is to help the students learn and explore the history of their school since it’s foundation.
Scoil Eoin was founded in an era of great poverty. The people had little and there were few if any schools for the children. A Father Gahan, a member of the Augustinian order from John’s Lane Church, decided to provide some form of schooling for the local children of the Liberties. The two rooms he rented in 1777 have now become Scoil Eoin and Coláiste Eoin and have moved to Crumlin.
There children, with special needs, from four to eighteen years and from all over Dublin and county
come to be educated. It is sad to note that the poverty and lack of amenities and opportunity which first sparked the creation of Scoil Eoin all those years ago, finds an echo in the Liberties of today and only across the road from the original site of the school.Please be aware the following clip may offend.

Our school caters for students with a Mild General Learning Disability and associated social and behavioural issues. A student presenting with a diagnosis of a MGLD will not be refused entry to the school regardless of other issues. Our catchment area is the greater Dublin region and the majority of our students are escorted to and from school by minibus and taxi.
Our students will have lower than average reading ability and require lots of reinforcement and revisiting to grasp the fundamentals of a given topic or concept. This webquest will attempt to address the learning requirements of the students and give them a positive feeling about their school and their part in its life.
The students in Scoil Eoin study the Junior Certificate School Programme. After three years they can achieve a certificate in a number of subjects including Information Technology, unlike the Junior Certificate itself. The use of this webquest will have the added value of familiarising the students with website issues such as navigation, use of hypertext and hypergraphics and the use of search engines for gaining information on the internet.A webquest is a constructivist lesson format and an example of inquiry-based learning.The students would spend 1 to 2 weeks working on the webquest in groups of 4/6 students at a time.
The only constraints on the use of a project such as this webquest would be in the behaviour management area. Not all our students can cope well with the “freedom” that is required to make the best use of this type of activity. However this has never before stopped a planned activity so onwards we go!



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