Rahel's Reflection

Rahel gets with the programme



I was initially very much frustrated by the lego set, where a number of small and tiny stuffs are being given to me. I was not quite sure what I can do with those small and tiny things. This is because, first I do not have a technical skill and secondly I have never come across a thing like this before. I have tried to assemble the tiny pieces together and build the robot; I succeeded in connecting the motors, the light sensor and the touch sensor to the RCX stuff. I found out very difficult to identify and assemble the other parts of the robot.
I have found out from the lecture that the whole idea of this project is learning by doing i.e. mapping an abstract idea, programing the robot, running the program and reflecting back. It is actually a good way of learning; a way of learning which increases problem solving skills (a very important skill in learning), and which makes my mind to think more.
It was after we formed a group that I started to see things more clearly how the robot works, how the blocks in the programming environment are used. Nick, Geraldine and I tried to figure how the direction of motion of the wheels is changed when there is a change in the direction of connection of the motor ports. We also practiced how we can attach the light and touch sensors and make the robot to respond to these sensors.  We have made a number of funs in doing these. We have encountered a number of cases where things go to the opposite than we just assumed.
The project makes me to be aware of the following points in relation to the robotic invention system.

Mapping out what I wanted the robot to do


Observing and reflecting on it

Reprogramming if the robot is not doing what I have mapped.

Where is that tower?


The most positive aspect of this project has been the learning achieved through the group interaction. Our group composition was so good that no body was dominating the group, we share ideas and discuss freely. I found out that working in team to be an excellent experience. I wish that every assignment is going to be done in group, so that I can have a chance of discussing and sharing of ideas with peers.








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